Kintronic Laboratories

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Kintronic Laboratories offers 600-watt and 1200-watt FM combiners with two, three or four input ports. Some of the company’s other FM, STL, TV and telecom solutions are isocouplers (translators), coaxial and waveguide isolation inductors, FM filters, patch panels, coaxial switches, controllers and indoor and outdoor temperature- controlled equipment racks. For AM/medium-wave and shortwave products Kintronic Labs has RF components, directional antenna systems, dummy loads, antenna tuning units and control and monitoring systems.

Kintronic Laboratories also has a new multiband, analog and digital broadcast software-defined receiver.

Kintronic Labs provides a number of services including AM/MW antenna, transmitter, tuning and ground system layout; nondirectional, directional and multiplexed antenna system design; and the collection of station data for FCC filings.