Kintronic Labs

Booth N8720 Kintronic Labs is showing products for co-locating digital LPTV and TV translators on AM towers for the TV repack. The Model FMC-0.5LPTV isocoupler is rated for 500 watts in the 470–572 MHz range while Models ISO-88-LPTV-78EIA (shown) and ISO-74-LPTV-158EIA Isocoils are rated for 1,750 and 3,000 watts respectively in 470–572 MHz.

Also, the Array Solutions Model PowerAIM 150 antenna analyzer features an RF source 10 times that of the original PowerAIM 120 and three times higher extraneous RF capability, at a lower price.

Kintronic also is running an AM synchronous booster simulation demo in its booth; and it has the Pantronix Titus II software-defined receiver, which it calls the first consumer-ready SDR package: an Android tablet with wideband digital RF receiver capable of analog AM and FM, DRM30 (MW and SW), DRM+ (digital FM) and DAB+. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability a user can download apps and browse the internet while listening.