Booth SU7210

Larcan is at the 2015 NAB Show, newly part of the UBS Group (UBS-Axcera-Larcan). The Canadian
television and radio transmitter manufacturer, which had been in operation since 1950, closed last
year, but was purchased by Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. in January.

Larcan had been owned by Sumavision, its then-majority owner based in China, shutting locations
in Mississauga, Ont. and Lafayette, Colo. Larcan produced solid-state and vacuum tube television
transmitters in all power ranges, as well as FM broadcast transmitters and translators and mobile
DTV products. Larcan also provided engineering services for transmitter installations.

UBS said it soon would begin production on Larcan’s popular products as well as offer service for
most legacy products. UBS hired 10 ex-Larcan employees since last fall; they are working on both
UBS and Larcan projects. The Larcan website is back up and running, while calls to the Larcan
number are redirected to UBS.

Larcan products, including Cool-Dock, MXi Series, Frontier and Transcoder are on display.