Lawo Debuts V__matrix


At its press conference, German manufacturer Lawo unveiled the V__matrix, a software-defined IP core routing and processing platform. Based on data center principles of flexibility, fabric computing and COTS economics, V__matrix was developed to provide a virtualized real-time production infrastructure for broadcasters. Leveraging multiple cores connected to a high-capacity COTS switch with redundant 10GE and 40GE connections, V__ matrix forms a distributed IP routing and processing matrix with frame-accurate, clean switching.

Lawo President and CEO Philipp Lawo explained that V__matrix can be deployed anywhere—in an OB truck, a TV studio or a broadcast operation center to create a virtualized core infrastructure for live production: “We are very excited to be able to offer the ability to transform any broadcast installation into a flexible, future- proof production facility, addressing a wide range of workflows and supporting the transition to a totally IP-based environment.”

Also introduced was the RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer; multiviewer control system theWALL; and V__matrix, a software-defined IP core routing and processing platform. The RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer fits in a backpack but “there’s a whole radio studio in this,” said Michael Dosch, Lawo’s director of virtual radio products.

Clark Novak, Lawo radio marketing specialist, added that RƎLAY is different from a simple console remote control: “It’s a software- defined radio mixer.”

Lawo multiviewer control system theWALL debuted with support for the Cobalt Quint-Split multiviewer system and the Imagine Platinum SX Hybrid system. More systems are slated for upcoming support.