Making its NaB show debut is LiveU’s LU600 portable transmission unit, which delivers up to 20 Mbps video quality and bitrate, a file transfer speed of 80 Mbps, a delay of 0.5 seconds and 100 Mbps high-speed bonded internet connection. The LU600 is also field upgradeable to h.265 HEVC.

LiveU is also demonstrating its LiveU solo plug- and-play live streaming device capable of streaming directly to Facebook Live and other social media and online video providers. It can be controlled remotely via a web interface or smart device.

Additional products being shown include the LU200 portable transmission unit, LU200e video encoder, LiveU central cloud-based management and video distribution system, the video distribution service MultiPoint, the LiveU-smart mobile app, as well as the company’s next-generation hybrid eNG vehicle solution.