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LSB is unveiling VSM, Release 14.2, which offers several new features, changes and bug fixes. Release 14.2 includes efficient labelling functions, audio shuffle and breakaway possibilities, as well as the possibility for decentralized workflow and system management that simplifies configuration, workflows and operation in daily business. The goal of these efforts is to reduce configuration and reparation time in any broadcast environment — a cost-saving enabler.

Features also include Audio Shuffle buttons, which allow alternate associations between source and target columns; e.g. route tracks 3+4 of a source to tracks 1+2 of a target.

Secondary Triggers on Pseudo Devices mean that all pseudo device assignments can now have another, secondary trigger. This means Audio-only sources can be routed to video targets, and vice versa. The user doesn’t need to make a dummy video source signal for a CD player, for instance, to route the CD player into an EVS.