LTO Program

Booth SL13010

The LTO Program and LTO Program Technology Provider Cos. (HP, IBM and Quantum) are featuring an extended product roadmap that includes two additional generations with more capacity and throughput. The extended roadmap includes generations 9 and 10. The new generation guidelines call for compressed capacities of 62.5 TB for generation 9 and 120 TB for generation 10*.

The production of six generations of drives and a well-defined long-term roadmap are key elements for the success of LTO, according to the LTO Program. Transfer rates are expected to increase at a more significant rate than ever before. Plans include compressed transfer rates of up to 1,770 MBps for generation 9 and 2,750 MBps for generation 10*.

Each new generation will include read-and-write backwards compatibility with the prior generation as well as read compatibility with cartridges from two generations prior, helping to protect investments and ease implementation.