Mandozzi Elettronica

Booth SU6105 Mandozzi Elettronica’s UMAC-C modules are standalone, autonomous AoIP codecs. The modules use the UMAC basic module to perform the codec and transmission functions. The front panel has two female XLR connectors for the audio input and two male XLR connectors for the audio output. The interfaces can be set by software for analog or AES/ EBU audio signals. Transmitted and received audio signals can be monitored on two separate 3 mm jacks with individual volume controls.

Mandozzi’s Idea digital audio routing switcher handles input signals with any format (analog, digital, 2 Mbps, IP, MADI, ATM, Gigabit) which are converted to the internal standard of the routing switcher (48 kHz, 32- bit, according to AES/EBU). The output signals can be presented to the receiver in any format required. All vital modules are redundant and the two halves of the redundant matrix can be installed in separate rooms for higher security.