Marquis Broadcast

Booth SL7720

Marquis Broadcast is unveiling Workspace Parking, its new “set and forget” disaster recovery solution
for Avid workspaces, plus a host of storage analysis tools. Workspace Parking uses a standard, open
folder structure to store the backup of entire workspaces. Individual projects or bins of older versions
of projects can then be easily identified, and restored to an ISIS or laptop, providing a complete and
rapid business continuity solution.

Workspace Parking ensures a complete backup of every project by analyzing and identifying
information and media on a workspace and any projects associated with that media, in addition to
content referenced by those projects. Because the analysis system runs regularly, every time new and
associated media comes online this is included in the backup. Incremental analysis of the changes to
the workspace and each project means automated nightly backups can be completed in a fraction of
the time of a full backup.