Maxon Buys 3D Renderer Developer Redshift

Redshift CEO Nicolas Burtnyk (at left) and Maxon CEO David McGavran before their NAB Show press conference announcing Maxon’s acquisition of Redshift.

Maxon announced its acquisition of Redshift Rendering Technologies during an NAB Show press conference on Monday. Financial details of the deal, which closed April 5, were not available.

David McGavran, who was appointed Maxon CEO last summer, said that when he began looking to acquire GPU technology for the company’s Cinema 4D modeling, animation and rendering software, he found RedShift to be “a natural fit.”

“I think both sides felt these two companies fit so well together that it was obviously a case of better together than apart,” he said.

The two companies are “a great cultural match,” said Redshift CEO Nicolas Burtnyk. The acquisition allows Redshift—which he said is made up of engineers, not sales or marketing people—“to leverage the infrastructure of Maxon.”

Redshift will continue its development of Redshift 3.0, with a targeted soft launch in May, and accelerate work on RedShift RT, a new GPU-accelerated renderer promising millisecond-per-frame rendering speeds that leverages game rendering technologies for more traditional pipelines.

“I think in the next year the plug-in for Cinema from Redshift will get better and better. We are working closely together on that,” added McGavran.

No changes are planned for the workforces of either company, he said.