Booth SU8113 Mediaproxy’s LogServer suite of products provides integration with OTT streaming sources and offers built-in real-time analysis and confidence monitoring. Monwall IP multiviewer and TSAnalyzer both allow for seamless connection to any LogServer ASI or IP via a low-bandwidth connection. Once connected, extensive options for closed captions, SCTE-104/35 and TS events are made available via the client applications.

New updates include advanced data monitoring panels in the Monwall IP multiviewer to facilitate real-time analysis and monitoring and advanced OTT monitoring at scale for HLS, SmoothStreaming and Dash sources/profiles. This enables hundreds of streams to be monitored concurrently on both outgoing streams and return CDN. There is also support for 4K/HEVC sources and a new native mobile app for real-time broadcast stream monitoring supported on iOS/Windows mobile and Android devices.