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Mediaproxy now offers a comprehensive update to its LogServer suite of products, including the new LogServer Access product, optical character recognition, ASI Streamer, NAVE watermark decoding and live monitoring.

LogServer Access offers customers a cost-effective product for disaster recovery, remote backup as well as access to all recorded media content and meta- data via the LogPlayer user interface. Scalable to hundreds of channels on a single server, it provides transparent access to assets from other LogServer systems. LogServer Access provides redundancy without the high cost of doubling up on hardware and software, and opening up new workflows across local and external networks.

Mediaproxy also is showcasing the latest version of TSAnalyzer, including the new ASI Streamer feature. TSAnalyzer has a toolset for analyzing a range of transport stream types in ATSC and DVB formats. Beyond forensics on file-based and live network stream sources, TSAnalyzer allows connection to any LogServer ASI or IP.