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Microsoft Corp. has obtained the Content Delivery Security Association’s Content Protection
and Security Program certification. This certification consists of over 300 distinct security
controls, including an audited risk assessment, secure management of physical data centers,
hardened cloud services and storage facilities optimized to handle sensitive intellectual property.
The certification provides a standards-based method of assurance to content acquirers and
producers looking to exchange content via secure channels. The CDSA certification is the 18th
security certification awarded to Microsoft Azure, alongside ISO 27001, FedRAMP, SOC1, SOC2,

The Content Protection features that Azure Media Services provides were instrumental in
obtaining  the CDSA certification. Azure Media Services offers encryption on the fly for both
Video-On-Demand and live streaming broadcasts. Azure Media Services provides secure upload
facilities for content including the ExpressRoute private network connection to Azure, UDP upload
via the Aspera client and secure HTTPS upload.