Miller Camera Support LLC

Booth C9520

Miller debuts its new Cineline 70 Tripod System. This complete tripod system includes a new
HD Mitchell Base 1-Stage alloy tripod and HD alloy ground spreader to complement the
Cineline 70 Fluid Head.

The heavy-duty HD Mitchell Base 1-Stage boasts quick and easy setup, with features that
include a high-capacity leg-lock system, deploying turn-lock levers with rapid lock/release
action, as well as a heavy-duty Mitchell Base with a built-in bubble level. The tripod system
has a capacity of 82.7 pounds, providing stability and security when supporting varying
rigging configurations.

Completing the system, the lightweight Cineline 70 fluid head, constructed of corrosion
resistant alloy, offers advanced precision fluid drag control with ultra-soft starts, smooth
stops and perfect diagonal drag transition, as well as counterbalance systems with
“all-in-one-location” control layout. It is set to accommodate industry-leading camera
mountings, including Arri, Sony, RED and Canon.