Multidyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems

Booth C5113-MultiDyne is spotlighting a number of products including its point of view/pan-tilt-zoom (POV/PTZ) camera system designed for a range of unmanned and robotic camera applications. It includes a built-in MultiDyne HD-3500GE Series multirate serial digital video fiber-optic transceiver to support the live transmission of full bandwidth SDI video signals over long distances without degradation.

The POV/PTZ includes bidirectional GigE transport capability and the ability to synchronize multiple cameras during a live event or studio production. The MultiDyne Universal SMPTE-HUT works with most SMPTE high-definition and 4K cameras. This new universal HUT transmits over distances greater than those achieved over hybrid copper/ fiber cables, and eliminates RF, EMI and grounding issues.

The Universal SMPTE HUT also facilitates faster set-and-strike times and lighter OB vans, B-units and cable shipments. This plug-and-play system can be used as a passive, unpowered system or as a powered system.