NAB Exhibitor Snapshots

Casting Frontier

Booth C12948

Casting Frontier logo
Marc B. Weinbach, CMO: “Casting Frontier is revolutionizing the talent casting workflow for content creators in network, cable, advertising and digital media. Casting Frontier — a software company serving entertainment producers, casting directors, agents and managers — maintains an enormous talent database and provides cutting-edge software that streamlines the management, recording, editing and distribution of auditions.”



Booth N5536

Prodys Quantum Lite HandheldRafael Perez, Sales Mgr.: “PRODYS/ MUSICAM will showcase Quantum Lite, the first professional handheld audio codec over IP that secures its transmissions using bandwidth aggregation of two 3G/4G connections, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Its friendly user interface and the possibility of recording, editing and uploading audio files, make it a must for reporters worldwide.”


Quobyte Inc.

Quobyte ScreenshotBooth SU9315SUL Felix Hupfeld, CTO: “Quobyte’s software turns commodity servers into a scalable high-performance storage system. With a fully featured parallel file system at its core, Quobyte is the storage platform for content creation, rendering and post-processing. Builtin fault tolerance makes it ultra-reliable, ready for 24/7 operations and easy to use.”