Booth C2139

Nautel has introduced two NX Series AM transmitters, the NX5 and NX10. Operating at 5 and
10 kW of analog power, these two transmitters bring high efficiency (86 percent AC to RF) and
a suite of operational features to mid-power AM operations.

As with other NX Series transmitters, Nautel says, the NX5 and NX10 offer AM precorrection
with unmatched linearity; 1.8 MHz direct digital modulation; remote Web access to the user
interface; and an RF spectrum analyzer that displays spectral performance. A Smith chart
displays complex antenna impedance under normal modulation in real time. MDCL is included
for up to 30 percent additional power savings, five algorithms are selectable. Analog, HD Radio
and DRM models are available.

Nautel’s Advanced User Interface is standard in the NX5 and NX10 and is locally or remotely
accessible via a Web browser. The AUI’s functionality includes built-in commercial grade
instrumentation and full remote access.