Booth N3434 NETIA is demoing the AirPlayList 2.0 module for its Media Assist Software Suite. It facilitates automated playout of multiple radio channels simultaneously and offers redundancy. The module provides targeted encoding of audio streams for CDNs. AirPlayList 2.0 leverages datacasting functionality from the Media Assist AirPush module to deliver associated metadata, including information about streamed content.

The audio-over-IP-compliant module lets users broadcast from a physical sound card or by using IP-based virtual drivers. With the Web-based interface, users can check the status of media and monitor playout on each channel.

The new Media Assist Software Suite on-demand media logging feature provides simultaneous capture and review of numerous audio and video feeds. It allows users to perform high-volume, real-time recording and monitoring locally through the rich-client platform or from anywhere via the software’s Web-based interface. Recorded content can be indexed and enriched with additional metadata to speed retrieval and review.