New Exhibitor Snapshots

Q: What products or services are you showcasing?

Brother-AiRScouter_WD-200A_nomalBrother Industries Ltd.

Booth SL13405

Ayako Ohishi: “Innovation for the Way You Work’s AiRScouter displays the information you need right in your field of view. The advanced head-mounted display helps you work more efficiently by bringing your viewfinder to you. The high-quality, color LCD panel and original optical design provide a bright, crisp 720p image (1280×720 pixels).”

quales imageQuales

Booth SU14605

Daniel Roqués, COO: “Quales is an international company focused on Automated Video Quality Check Software — providing usability, efficiency and cost-effective value proposition in QC tasks. The QC for All is a user-friendly tool and allows any company, no matter the size or budget, to automate QC processes, helping producers, content managers or distributors of audiovisual materials guarantee the integrity of their media.”

Persistent DSC_4385-EditPersistent Systems LLC

Booth SU15110

Nick Naioti, Vice President, Business Dev: “Persistent Systems launches the MPU5 wireless transmitter with an integrated video encoder/decoder allowing broadcasters to deploy private, broad area networks. MIMO technology enables 6-watt transmissions to reliably transmit live, full duplex HD video/audio like a bonded 4G network, but without the recurring costs. Own the network, get the shot!”