New Exhibitor Snapshots

qinematiq GmbH

Martin Waitz



quinematiq GmbH presents distance measuring methods for filmmaking. IMAGE+ captures a movie scene. It is an interactive measurement system generating a 3D image of a video camera based on image processing. Focus Tracker is measuring distance
between a sender and a tr ansponder. Four autonomous transponders are locatable in real time.


Perspective Robotics

Sergie Lupashin, Founder


Perspective Robotics

The Fotokite is a tethered flying camera for journalists to easily access aerial perspectives to tell their stories better, without the complications and disruption of traditional drones.

The tether solves fundamental interaction and safety problems. More an intelligent kite than a drone, it provides novel interaction (5 min. training) and provides power for sustained flight.


Deyan Automation Systems

Dejan Seke


Deyan Automation Systems

AirServer is a dual-channel “station-in-a-box” solution that combines playout, graphics and professional automation. It
flawlessly integrates into any workflow — even with third-party automation systems. With its intuitive, user-friendly GUI and features you can’t find with similar products, it makes the perfect choice for all environments.