New Exhibitor Snapshots

Q: What products or services are you showcasing?

InSync Technology Ltd.

Booth SU9212InSyncLogoVersion2_100x25mm

Paola Hobson, Business Dev. Director: “FrameFormer, InSync Technology’s high-quality, motion-compensated standards conversion software, is being show in booth SU9212. Available as an option for popular media asset management and editing software, it supports all standards from SD to 4K, for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. What’s more, FrameFormer is hardware-independent (no GPU needed).”


Booth C12833

Kevan Wilson, Sales Dir.: “Introducing Light Shaping Diffusers for LED lighting, which are manufactured with high-quality, optically clear resin infused with micro resin particles that are truly spherical. This state-of-the art nano particle technology not only enhances diffusion characteristics, but also results in a rigid diffusion panel with high light transmission.”