New Exhibitor Snapshots

Booth SU9803CM
Taras Perevorskyy, CEO: “Suitest provides a super-easy way for end-to-end test automation of your apps. It works with physical devices, operating them directly through the infra-red port. It also supports desktop browsers and TV emulators for easier test authoring at early development stages. Suitest brings QA to the cloud!”

CHAUVET Professional
Booth C12646
Albert Chauvet CEO: “CHAUVET Professional is the thoughtful, forward-looking choice for lighting professionals, offering a carefully designed selection of LED ellipsoidals, Fresnels and color washers. Our fixtures are fitted with the latest technological advances in LED and cooling design, and are perfect for operation in broadcast, studio, in-house corporate sets and film applications.”

Stirlitz Media
Booth SU6224
Greg Podsiadlo, CEO: “Stirlitz Media Logger is the fastest compliance recording and media monitoring software with HTML5 video playback and MPEG-TS/HLS capture. Broadcasters worldwide use SML to record their own and competing channels. SML is software-only, hardware-agnostic, native IP and records up to 50 TV or radio stations on a single server.”