New Exhibitor Snapshots

Digital Bedrock
Booth SL15516
Linda Tadic, CEO: “Digital Bedrock protects valued digital assets through secure and managed digital preservation services. It’s more than digital asset management and cloud storage. Files are future-proofed so they’ll be available and playable when you need them. The company acts as your staff and infrastructure at a low cost.”

Digital Watermarking Alliance
Booth C3630CS
Graham Oakes, Chairman: “The DWA is an international alliance of industry leading organizations that deliver digital watermarking solutions to a broad range of markets around the world. Digital watermarking enables content identification, forensic tracking and copyright communication to deter piracy and provide authorized distribution solutions at scale for all media formats.”

The Video Call Center
Booth SU11806CM
Larry Thaler, CEO: “The VCC offers a patented production platform and services for creating innovative video caller programming. These professionally produced, editorially controlled, fully moderated, HDTV-quality programs bring together a host, guest speakers and audience members, each from wherever they are and connected through video chat applications already on their mobile or desktop devices.”