New Exhibitor Snapshots: DiBEG, Depthen, Opus Digitas

Booth N1534
Yasuji Sakaguchi, Director of Broadcasting Systems Engineering: “DiBEG (Digital Broadcasting Expert Group) of Japan promotes international cooperation to facilitate the Emergency Warning Broadcast System, one of the features of ISDB-T. The EWBS Superimpose Dissemination System with robust and reliable functions has been developed and introduced to some ISDB-T adopting countries in Latin America.”

Booth C8827
Stéphane Dupont, CEO/Chief Technology Officer: “Depthen provides real-time artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions and services for the media industry, enabling exclusive capabilities for image and people search in large archives and live streams. Integrated in your workflows, these will enable automation, dramatically reduce production costs and increase the value of your content.”



Opus Digitas
Booth SU12707
Gary Learner, CEO: “Does the threat of #FAKENEWS stop you from utilizing viewer-contributed videos in your broadcast? Engage Opus Digitas to manage your viewers’ contributions to assure content authenticity, while improving viewer engagement and increasing brand loyalty. Designed to collect, curate and circulate content, Opus Digitas eases rights transfer, assures authenticity and governs publishing.”