New Exhibitor Snapshots: MightyPages, Densitron, New Age Factory

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?


Booth SU7321AD

Steve Cornaby, CEO: “Advertising is a game. You watch or you play. Broadcasters want profits from digital advertising, but don’t have the tools. Our location-aware platform integrates into your site giving you the ‘go-to’ destination for local sales, retail, home maintenance, dining, entertainment, vehicles, etc. Come see us. We just changed the rules.”


Booth C9032

Joanna Muggeridge, Group Mktg. Mgr.: “Densitron introduces a family of advanced TFT displays designed specifically for integration into 1U/2U rackmount systems. They deliver exceptional resolution, brightness and contrast for the form factor, outstanding readability and wide viewing angles for optimum performance in all broadcast environments. Projected Capacitive Touch is standard and haptic technology an option.”


New Age Factory

Booth N2632SUL-A

Martin Visvader, Executive Director: “SARA is an automatic platform for metadata enrichment via face recognition. New Age Factory is a European start-up company, which developed the fastest system for automatic indexing of video via face recognition. Extracted metadata helps improve the quality of content, speed of editors’ work and enables better monetization of the archive.”