New Exhibitor Snapshots: Netint Technologies, Seervision AG, Snappers

Q: What products or services are you showcasing?

Netint Technologies
Booth SU 13911

Ray Adensamer, Director of Marketing: “Netint Technologies is showcasing the new Codensity T400 Video Transcoder, designed for dense, scalable cloud encoding. Target markets include OTT streaming businesses with growing VOD or live video volumes that need to be economically encoded for a variety of bandwidth conditions and playback resolutions, from 4K UHD TVs to smartphones.”

Seervision AG
Booth C3113

Conrad von Grebel, Co-Founder: “We have combined machine learning, computer vision and image design in a unique technology. Our hardware-agnostic, adaptive motion-control software makes every production camera autonomous and enables autonomous, intelligent multi-camera setups. Consistently high quality at significantly lower production costs and innovative production techniques are the result.”


Booth N2735

Dov Zales, CEO: “Snappers enables media outlets and bloggers to cover any event in the world with live video, without leaving the office, by crowdsourcing onsite video reporters. Integrated with a
media outlet’s mobile app, it turns all its users into potential video reporters.”