New Exhibitor Snapshots: OPNS, Video Solutions Group, JW Winco

Video Solutions Group Inc.

Booth SL8230

Ilya Doronin, President: “Video Solutions Group Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of teleprompters, video switchers, camera cranes, tripods, pedestals, monitors, multiviewers, fiberoptic equipment, signal processing equipment and mini-converters and mobile video studios from home studios level to broadcasting TV stations. The company’s motto is ‘maximum quality for minimum cost.’”


Booth N2060

Marc Boitel, CEO: “SoundID is a powerful automatic content recognition platform based on the fingerprinting technology. With almost 100-percent accuracy. SoundID can deliver services to various use cases such as: content recognition for broadcast certificates, quota calculation, competition monitoring; copyright enforcement for artists and producers; deduplication of content database; and effective audience measurement.”

JW Winco

Booth C12133

Dan Hansher, Marketing Manager: “JW Winco, a manufacturer/distributor of standard parts, now offers GN 784 Mounting Clamps with Swivel Ball Joint. GN 784 Clamps are used for mounting professional cameras, lights, monitors and stage gear that require quick adjustments. Our GN 51.3 retaining magnets pair with the clamps for quick attachments