New Exhibitor Snapshots: PRL Lighting, Jscrambler & Mandozzi Audio Solutions

PRL Lighting

Booth C959

Rudy Pohlert, Manager: “The Lustra L50 3-lite Kit includes three each of the following: L50 xture, AC/DC power supply, SofBox, FilterSet and stand mount accessory, all in a backpack-style carry case allowing space in the kit for addition- al items, and for customizing the kit for total portability. (20 percent off at NAB Show.)”


Booth SU14013

Rui Ribeiro, Co-Founder and CEO:  “Jscrambler is the world’s top JavaScript protection solution currently helping more than 30,000 users, including major broadcasting companies, enforce licens- ing agreements by preventing IP theft and tampering, safeguarding user’s data and experience. Protecting media players and embedded services, streaming companies are also able to secure copyrighted con- tent, which hinders liability issues.”

Mandozzi Audio Solutions

Booth N1724

Edoardo Bernardi, Director: “Ares is a new Mandozzi digital on-air/produc- tion mixing console with an entirely new modular control surface. It also features a new con guration and management software system. Ares has a modular DSP structure and I/O and control-sharing resources.”