New Exhibitor Snapshots: Radionor Communications, TSI Solutions & Pogo Linux

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?

Radionor Communications AS

Booth C12431

Atle Saegrov, CEO: “Radionor’s horizontally mounted panel, CRE2-179, with radio transceiver and antennas, was used in a nationwide live broadcast of a TV documentary.

With no infrastructure in the Artic areas of Norway, our phased array antennas were used in live TV that lasted 150 hours with constant movement, showing the trekking of reindeer.”


TSI Solutions

Booth SU13602

Greg Coughlin, Product Manager: “TSI Solutions ( builds dehydrators to supply clean, dry and pressurized air inside a waveguide, to ensure there is no attenuation of signal strength or clarity. Our units are rugged and low-maintenance, featuring a custom-designed membrane dryer to remove water vapor and no desiccant to change.”


Pogo Linux

Booth SL15718

Rachel Bromage, Marketing Manager: “Pogo Linux is a global solutions provider specializing in engineered server, workstation and storage solutions. Stop by our booth to learn about the StorageDirector Q, powered by OSNEXUS QuantaStor 5. QuantaStor is a unified software-defined storage (SDS) platform designed to make storage easy while reducing costs.”