New Exhibitor Snapshots: SIRUI USA, Twizted Design, The Rag Place

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?


Booth C12646

Paul Zakrzewski, Dir. of Mktg.: “SIRUI USA offers professional-level video components in carbon fiber and aluminum including: Twin Leg Broadcast Video Supports, Broadcast Quality Heads, Single Leg Video Supports and matching heads for all levels of videographer. The SIRUI Rig and Slider will also be on display.”

Twizted Design

Booth N2932SUL-B

Jan Umansky, CEO: “Twizted Design is a tech hub operating in the media and entertainment industry, providing cloud-based graphics solutions for media outlets in production of live events, post production, virtual reality and augmented graphics.”


The Rag Place

Booth C8549

Jordan Garretson, VP of Sales and Operations: “The Rag Place, the industry leader in technical fabrics for motion picture, television and theater, is now your go-to for LED lighting control solutions. SNAPBAGS and SNAPGRIDS quickly soften and direct light, and Rabbit-Ears is a universal adapter for all your favorite fixtures. The Rag Place has re-imagined light shaping.”