New Exhibitor Snapshots: Steadygum, ftrack and Elber

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?

Steadygum S.L.

Booth C12420

Francisco García: “The main inspiration to develop STEADYGUM has been the prevention of injuries. Apart from the ergonomics benefits, we cannot forget the other benefits that this system provides, such as more stability, better use and effectiveness in a reduced, light and easy-to-set-up system, reducing our efforts by almost 80 percent.”


Suite Ren Deluxe – D

Sevag Chamelian, Head of Marketing: “ftrack is a scalable cloud-based project management solution used in the media and entertainment industry to help creative teams meet the ever-increasing demands of production tracking. ftrack will be demonstrating enhanced tools for media review and approval, giving video producers and content creators a platform to collaborate on projects with annotations and notes.”

Elber srl

Booth N1724

Christian Olcese: “The SIGNUM is the state-of-the-art IRD able to demodulate one or two DVB-S/S2 signals achieving 256 KSps. It supports MPEG-1 LI/II audio codec, providing analog/digital outputs. Moreover, it’s possible to set a data PID to be decoded and passed to the internal RDS encoder, generating the dual MPX FM output.”