New Exhibitor Snapshots: Vimmi, Muvi Entertainment,

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?


Booth SU13804CM

Lilach Dekel, Dir. of Marketing: “Multi Access Edge Computing solution enables mobile and telecom operators to introduce new video services that require low latency (sub 10 msec.) and heavy data (video) processing at the edge such as video OTT, virtual reality, augmented reality, live events, autonomous cars and video in smart cities.”


Muvi Entertainment Private Limited

Booth SU9526 

Ankit Pandey, Head of Sales: “Muvi is an award-winning enterprise-grade end-to-end audio/video streaming platform that allows audio/video content owners to launch their own multiscreen OTT platforms instantly. Muvi enables broadcasters and content owners to launch audio/video streaming platforms like NetFlix, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Hulu,, Periscope and in a click.”

Booth N2629

Ron van Herk, CEO: “ is a cloud-based playout tool to easily create your own television channel. Simply upload content and place it on your timeline and broadcast. The output can be sent to any CDN, operator, website, social media and more. also offers consulting services to market your channel(s) to international operators.”