Nila LED Lighting

Booth C1724

The Varsa ENG kit from Nila comes with everything needed for field capture. The kit includes two high-powered Varsa light fixtures with barn doors and lens kits, two battery adapter plates, two lightweight kit stands and a Chimera. It’s all packaged in a durable Pelican case with a custom foam insert.

Also from Nila, the Zaila is the perfect LED replacement for 200-watt HMIs or 350-watt tungsten fixtures. It’s built with the same durability as Nila’s larger fixtures with the added advantage of fitting in anywhere. It runs on AC or DC power.

The Nila Varsa is an excellent replacement for a 400-watt HMI or a 600-watt tungsten fixture, while drawing a mere 75 watts at 100 percent. The Varsa gives a lot of punch in a small package and it can accept DC voltage directly — just connect a 10-18-volt battery and it’s ready to go.