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NOA is spotlighting its high-performance ingest systems. The ingest systems complement NOA’s flagship product, Media-arc, which is a flexible, open framework for highly efficient collaborative media archive management. NOA’s modular solutions for high-quality mass ingest and flexible workflow management are: Ingestline, Actline and Jobdb.

Additional products include: NOA Record, CD Lector, Medialector and Fra- melector, which migrate large volumes of material from legacy media such as 1/4- inch analog carriers, CD Audio, Audio DAT, or SD material from Betacam, Betacam SP, IMX or U-matic.

These ingest products boost productivity by combining high capacity, rigorous quality control and advanced metadata capabilities, while requiring minimal personal interaction.

Previously known as NOA Audio Solutions, the company recently changed its name to NOA since its portfolio now offers both audio and video archive management.