NPR Satellite Services

Booth SU8510-NPR Satellite Services (NPRSS) is highlighting THE HUB @ NPRSS, a distribution service that allows networks to send programming to stations without the need or expense of operating a local head-end. NPRSS created THE HUB for broadcasters with a need to generate new revenues and distribute their live or file-based content to geographically diverse sites.

Using The Hub, networks can have some sites take programming live off the satellite or via terrestrial IP streaming, while other sites might delay that broadcast for a later playback time. To use THE HUB @ NPRSS broadcasters send their audio to the network operations center located at National Public Radio’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Clients are issued a website that they manage, and with it, they can determine where and when their content plays, either through satellite uplinks or terrestrial IP streaming.