Optical Cable Corp.

Booth C11321 The SMPTE 3-in-1 Stadium Cables are designed for permanent installations to transmit high-bandwidth 4K Ultra HD video, audio, control and power at longer distances for stadiums and similar venues. These six-channel SMPTE 311 hybrid cables support three cameras in one location on one cable, interconnecting fixed wall box connections to control room patch panels and camera units to base stations in conjunction with connector interface standards.

The 3-in-1 cables feature six bend-insensitive single-mode fibers, 18AWG19 strand class C annealed tinned copper PE-insulated 300V for one to six conductors; 24AWG seven-strand class B annealed tinned copper PE-insulated 300V for seven to 12 conductors; and a 22AWG drain wire for 13 to 15 conductors. Another important feature is that fibers and power groups are now uniquely identified by TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) color-coding standards, thereby making installations faster and easier.