Booth N5007

Orban is demonstrating its new Optimod-PCn 1600 broadcast-quality audio processing software
— available both as a software product for Orban-approved Windows 7 (and higher) computers or
preinstalled on a Windows computer.

It is the first Optimod that runs natively on the host computer’s Intel x86 processor. It is compatible
with all Windows sound I/O devices whose drivers support Windows WASAPI audio. The host
computer can be configured at the factory to run advanced audio processing software (called
Optimod-PCn) and the StreamS Live MPEG-4 AAC/HE-AACv2/MP3 streaming audio codec

The 1600 is equally suited for mastering, netcasts and digital radio broadcasting, and is suitable for
both live streaming and on-demand programming. Optimod-PCn uses the power of Intel’s x86
architecture to provide a consistent, well-produced sound by performing stereo enhancement,
automatic gain control (AGC), equalization, high-frequency enhancement, multiband gain control,
peak-level control, and automatic loudness control.