Booth SL15710 Panasas’ storage solution, ActiveStor 18, stores large files on high-capacity SATA drives while leveraging flash technology to accelerate small file and metadata performance for faster response times.

ActiveStor 18 provides linear scalability of capacity. Users scale out the number of blade enclosures to increase the capacity and performance of the global file system as storage requirements grow. Parallel data access and automated load-balancing ensure that performance is optimized and hotspots are eliminated. Capacity can be linearly scaled to over 20 petabytes and performance to 200 Gbps.

Self-healing technology in Active- Stor 18 protects against system-wide failures, including blades and power; and redundant networking data paths automatically fail over, to eliminate single points of failure. The Extended File System Availability feature takes advantage of deeper protection of directory data in RAID 6+ to preserve file system availability even after the highly unlikely event of three simultaneous drive failures.