PILOT and Partners Announce Live IBOC Experiment 

In a live demonstration, Nautel, Xperi, NAB’s PILOT program and Beasley’s local Las Vegas FM radio station KKLZ are working together to demonstrate the ability to transmit multiple IBOC sidebands within the station’s signal, using Nautel HD Multiplex technology.

The live experimental demonstration is featured at the Nautel and PILOT (in Futures Park) booths; it encompasses several minute-long loops of audio content, intentionally placed on the “even” dial positions surrounding KKLZ (96.3 MHz). The four digital sidebands are located at 96.0, 96.2, 96.4 and 96.6 MHz, frequencies that are not normally associated with standard FM radio and provide capacity for up to 12 HD Radio audio services, in addition to the FM carrier.

To conduct the over-the-air tests, experimental authorization was obtained from the FCC by station owner Beasley Media Group, and Beasley is suspending its regular HD Radio programming during NAB Show exhibit hall hours to support the live demonstration.