P|PW Offers Learning Opportunities For Content Creators

Ben Kozuch welcomes attendees to the 2016 Post|Production World.

Post|Production World, which began on Saturday and continues through Thursday, is produced in partnership with Future Media Concepts.

The program offers more than 250 sessions covering the latest trends and workflows in post-production technologies and techniques by more than 60 industry experts.

“We started producing these post-production sessions in 2004,” said Ben Kozuch, president and co-founder of Future Media Concepts, “and this year’s conference will be the world’s biggest training event for TV, video and film content creators and designers.”

A keynote by Thomas Grove Cater from the U.K. post house Trim Editing and Dave Cerf of independent film Todo Lo Demás was held on Sunday during the session “Editing at the Speed of Thought.”

Paulo Barcellos

Another keynote presentation will be delivered today by Paulo Barcellos in the session “O2 Creates Facility of the Future; Talent Focused — O2 Works on Projects From Olympics to Gisele.”

Barcellos’ session will be of special interest to facility managers facing ever-tightening equipment budgets, as he was helpful in building O2 Post into Brazil’s largest production facility.

“We managed to transform O2 Post from an equipment-focused facility to a people-focused facility,” Barcellos said, “by reducing our investment in high-priced proprietary gear to using off-the-shelf multi-purpose production equipment. And by doing this we went from doing two feature films a year to 49 films in 2016.”

What Barcellos discovered is that single- purpose equipment, like color correction suites that only do color grading or custom- built hard servers, are just bottlenecks.

“So we ended up with low-cost solutions like Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve that can be used for editing, color grading and screening while running off white box computers,” Barcellos said. “That way we are not importing expensive hardware, and the money we save can be invested in our talent.” O2 Post produced a spectacular video that was part of the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremonies.

“We are no longer at the mercy of expensive, proprietary post-production equipment,” Barcellos said. “Now we don’t have to fly to Miami to get replacement parts. We can go to the local mall to get a stand-in hard drive, and all our editors and producers walk around with dongles to the DaVinci systems. I think people attending our Post|Production World session will see how even a small company can use us as an example of what is possible in achieving better results for less money.”

Access to Post|Production World sessions requires purchasing a pass, which gives you access to all the sessions. Or you can purchase three- or six-session passes separately. Some of the hands-on workshops and outside field trips will necessitate additional fees.

For those whose 2017 NAB Show schedule does not allow them to attend the Post|Production World conference, Future Media Concepts is announcing the first Post|Production World Online, a live, interactive, three-day conference taking place June 1–3. It is produced by FMC in collaboration with NAB Show.

The program will consist of 60 interactive sessions with many from the P|PW schedule in Las Vegas. Each session will initially stream live, and then will be recorded and made available to attendees to stream for 45 days after the event.