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Pebble Beach Systems flagship Marina automation platform features a flexible, scalable architecture to handle centralized ingest, content management and multichannel playout. The company offers practical migration strategies to virtualized platforms, enabling IP solutions to coexist alongside classic and integrated channel technology. With a single, system-wide database and common user interface across channel delivery technology, broadcasters need not create a separate environment for IP services.

The DolphinIP integrated channel device delivers an MPEG-2 and H.264 stream over IP (TSoIP), adding full-resolution IP delivery to the Dolphin range. Pebble is demonstrating a virtualized automation and playout system with integrated 3D graphics, showing end-to-end IP capability. A Web Client offers flexible functionality, from individual playlist monitoring to highly granular remote control of multiple Marina automation systems and Dolphin integrated channel devices in different locations. These tools offer close-to-real-time access to single or multiple systems of all sizes and architectures on PCs or tablets.