Promise Technology

Booth SL6821 Rich media storage technology provider Promise Technology will launch the Pegasus3 M4 Thunderbolt 3 RAID storage with flash devices. Pegasus3 M4 supports 8x M.2 SATA flash modules at the fastest speed allowed by Thunderbolt 3.

VTrak EFA 5310 is an all-flash array storage system optimized for high bandwidth and large data ingest rate. VTrak EFA 5310 is an enterprise allflash array optimized for bandwidth of about 13 GB/s, and a large data ingest rate (5 GB/s) with ultra-low latency. Its upgradeable firmware is also nondisruptive.

The company is also demonstrating how its Apollo Cloud personal cloud storage device and VSkyCube hyperconverged system can be integrated into creative workflows.