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Pronology is highlighting its ability to support rich metadata within its complete digital media asset management (MAM) system. Pronology’s MAM software places a large emphasis on organizational metadata for clear categorization of assets throughout the entire production cycle.

The Pronology system is a comprehensive, all-inclusive, collaborative digital asset management solution that delivers acquisition, management, distribution and archive capabilities for live-to-air and video productions. By managing all processes from ingest to archive within a user-friendly interface, Pronology offers an end-to-end solution. The software’s advanced metadata features provide users with the tools to categorize assets in a way that fits specific production requirements. Its Web-browser interface gives producers, executives and any authorized personnel the ability to securely view content from anywhere in the world.

Asset organization begins with Pronology’s customizable folder tree. This basic structure can be established even before a production begins, and then added to or modified on the fly.