Booth C3036 The TX-TP4PW Format-A power inserter/signal breakout module can insert power into Format-A Cat-x cable runs and can break out each signal pair to or from Format-A home runs. This module is part of the Format-A family of products that send, receive and distribute analog audio and DC power over standard Cat-x cable and connectors. Three pairs of each Cat-x cable are used for audio signals while one pair distributes 24 VDC power to connected Format-A products.

When one of the RJ45 jacks on the TX-TP4PW receives signals from Format-A senders, the remaining three RJ45 jacks can connect to a separate Format-A receiver. Three jacks are provided so that three home runs to Format-A receivers are possible. The TX-TP4PW can also connect to three home runs from separate Format-A `senders.