Riedel Launches 1200 Series Smart Panel Intercom Interface

Riedel introduced the RSP-1232HL as part of its updated SmartPanel line.

Building on the technology that powers its SmartPanel app-driven user interfaces, Riedel Communications introduced the 1200 series SmartPanel at a press event on Monday. The SmartPanel line and specifically the RSP-1232HL model shown at the event were designed to keep ahead of changing technologies.

During the introduction, Riedel’s Johan Wadsten, user interface and user experience product manager, provided insight into its design. “As [systems] become more complex, we need to … provide simpler interfaces to take control of those complex systems.”

The 1200 Series Smart Panel connects via AES3 and AES67 digital standards, which enable units to be daisy-chained and to provide for redundancy. It has front and rear USB connections, Bluetooth and NFC capability, GPIO and 4-wire ports, along with a light-sensing system that adjusts screen brightness in changing light conditions.

Riedel also announced improvements to its Bolero wireless intercom system, now with plug-and-play connectivity. Additionally, IP configuration is no longer necessary to connect units. A new power supply for the system will power up to five Bolero antennas, and a new system interface box allows Bolero units to be connected to existing intercom systems.