Riedel Launches Smartpanel Interface

Thomas Riedel after announcing “the end of the router as we know it” at a news conference.

Riedel Communications introduced the ESP 2324 Expansion Smartpanel during a press conference at NAB Show 2016. The panel is designed to expand the company’s RSP- 2318 Smartpanel, which will give users of one Smartpanel and Expansion Smartpanel 42 keys and seven displays. Up to four Expansion Smartpanels can be connected to the basic 2318 Smartpanel unit, which expands configurations up to 19 displays and 114 keys.

The company announced that the Medior Net signal transport system, which supports the routing of HD and 4K video, was recently tested by Japanese broadcaster NHK and proven to route 8K video. The units will be put to use during NHK’s coverage of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio this year and for all the network’s 8K video productions.

MediorNet now supports audio and video transport by IP. Thomas Riedel, managing director, says the company “has integrated SMPTE 2022-6, which allows the migration towards full IP.” He adds that the system will allow migration to full IP at the customer’s pace with the existing MediorNet system.

To illustrate, Riedel took a chainsaw to a wooden mockup of a router, calling it the “closing ceremony of traditional routing.”