Ross Video Attempts to ‘Knock Their Socks Off’

Ross Video CEO David Ross announces the Ultrix IP routing/AV processing platform.

Ross Video executives announced new products and updates and shared customer testimonials at a packed press conference. The production touches included an augmented reality rendering of CEO David Ross wearing an Ottawa Senators hockey shirt and doing virtual backflips.

David Ross also touted the company’s longevity and financial strength, saying revenue rose 6 percent in the past year, maintaining a streak of 26 consecutive record years. He noted that the keynote was
presented by the company’s product brands, including XPression, Carbonite, Furio, ACIDCam, Frontier, UX, Ultrix, openGear, DashBoard and Inception.

The Canada-based company is introducing upgraded Acuity and Carbonite switchers, as well as the Ultrix IP routing and AV processing platform. Executives expressed commitment to both SDI and IP domains.
Demonstration videos included a light show at the Adelaide Oval stadium in Australia, for which Ross Video gear supported KOJO, the company that handles game-day production there.

“We can drive an entire stadium with one button push,” Executive Vice President and CMO Jeff Moore
said. Customer testimonial videos featured virtual sets at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C., and discussion of a Rogers Media news production system built to handle 260 concurrent users.

Afterward, at a reception, the company handed out orange and blue striped socks to combat cold feet, as the presentation was intended to “knock their socks off.”