Ross Video Takes on Cameras

Ross Video makes the jump into camera with the ACID camera and companion chromakey system.

This year Canadian-based manufacturer Ross Video announced it made the leap into camera production.

The company unveiled the release of the ACID camera and standalone chromakey system. ACID cameras boast a signal format developed by Ross to overcome the difficulties of creating good chromakeys, said Ross Video CEO David Ross. It can be used in conjunction with the Carbonite UltrachromeHR system to generate a full-resolution 4:4:4 signal.

The company also put more muscle behind its Carbonite line of switchers, introducing the Carbonite Black Plus, a 36-input switcher that offers format conversion and additional monitoring capability, and the Carbonite Black Solo, a compact production switcher.

The company plans to showcase additions to its Acuity production switcher, including operational features such as split M/E, DVE warps and support for a new multiprocessing input card option. Ross also introduced upgrades to its XPression line with the XPression Tessera, a graphics designer and controller for sport venues and studio video walls. The system can be used to output video across large or irregularly assembled display panels. Ross announced that the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta plans to use Tessera.

The company also announced partnerships, including an alliance with Hitachi, a partnership with and deals to team with Grass Valley and NewsMaker Systems.