RTS Intercom Systems

Booth C5409 The RTS Intercom Systems Roameo wireless intercom system is based on the license-free Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard with a protected frequency band.

According to the company, the system provides quality audio over an integrated digital wireless beltpack and associated access points. Featuring a modern, rugged design, Roameo is suitable for a range of professional intercom applications where wireless communication is critical, including broadcast production studios, theater and sport event productions, houses of worship, commercial buildings and outside broadcast trucks.

The system is integrated into all-digital RTS matrices; this new wireless solution allows users to address individuals or specified groups. In addition, adds the company, Roameo promises uninterrupted quality and license-free audio based on DECT, allowing integration of a large number of simultaneous users across wide areas. Finally, Roameo offers intuitive operation ensured by icon-based setup and buttons with tactile feedback.