Ruptly Embraces Cutting-Edge Tech for News Coverage

Ruptly produced 360-degree video of the spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

Ruptly is one international video news agency attempting to fill a lofty goal: help large broadcasters and small content providers keep apace of the 2/47 news that seems to break at a breakneck pace.

Headquartered in Berlin, the five-year-old company is aiming to provide a competitive alternative to established video agencies by producing original programming such as breaking news briefs, viral content, live events, 360-degree video and long-format content.

Through the company’s Live Platform, big media networks as well as smaller media sites can access a daily selection of live events. What is unique about the company’s programming is its prolific use of drones and 360-degree camera technology, said Ruptly CEO Dinara Toktosunova. “Live streaming is becoming increasingly important for content producers as the demand for live video grows among the audience,” she said.

Ruptly is also on the lookout for stories missed by other agencies, Toktosunova said. Take, for example, the 360-degree spacewalk that took place on the International Space Station or the serious new sport of pillow fighting in Japan.

“Technology has enabled us to be more social and discuss news regardless of where it is coming from,” Toktosunova said. “The advancement of technology has offered an amazing opportunity in terms of access to information.”